Complete Polyester Resin Manufacturing Plant in Kolkata

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1.Reactor a)1400L Capacity b)Anchor type stirrer c)Manhole with cover, light and sight glass (for raw material addition, problem solving and repair purpose) d)Reflux condenser e)Surface condenser f)Valves g)Stainless steel Receiver h)Attached 7.5HP Havells 10.25Amp motor i)High energy saving insulation with ceramic blanket covered with aluminium sheet j)Kettle 8mm Stainless Steel (S.S.) plate k)Jacket 8mm thick Mild Steel (M.S.) plate with all accessories l)Linkage line connecting with 1.5 inch diameter S.S. pipe 2. Blender a)2500L Capacity covered with Mild Steel (M.M.) jacket b)Manhole with cover, light and sight glass (for raw material addition, problem solving and repair purpose) c)Propeller type stirrer d)7.5HP Havells Gear motor , complete with accessories e)Kettle 4mm Stainless Steel plate f)Jacket 6mm thick Mild Steel (M.S.) plate g)Linkage line connecting with 1.0 inch diameter S.S. pipe 3.Hi-vac single stage water-ring vacuum pump a)Supported with 7.5HP ABB motor (1440 rpm) b)Contains water inlet valve c)Contains water drain valve d)Free air displacement 95cfm e)With vacuum gauge and water pressure gauge f)Vacuum tank of 150L g)Mounted on a metallic frame 4.Primepac Thermic Fluid Boiler a)Capacity 200000 kiloCal b)Fuelpump motor 1 HP (1500rpm)- Crompton c)Blower motor 2HP (2900rpm) – Crompton 1.Expansion and De-aerator Tank (Insulated with ceramic blanket and aluminium sheet) with 0.5 inch metallic S.S. Gauge Glass for oil level control d)T.F. Pump with 7.5HP Crompton motor 2900rpm. e)Complete with all accessories f)Rotodyne Fuel Injection pump 5.Thermic Fluid Servotherm Special 630L (3x 210 L Barrel) 6.Thermo-oil pipe line a)Tata M.S. Black Heavy pipe 50mm diameter and 25mm diameter b)Insulated with high energy saving ceramic blanket and thick aluminium sheet covering 7.Diesel Tank- 1000L capacity with 0.5 inch metallic S.S. Gauge Glass for diesel oil level control 8.Chimney – 40ft height, 10 inch diameter 9.Accessories and attachments used (Different type, sizes and numbers) 1. SS Ball valves (CI Scr) 2.Globe valves (CS FI ASA) 3.Needle valves (SS Scr) 4.Gate valves (CS FI ASA) 5.Y-Stainer (CS FI ASA) 6.Barrel Nipples M.S. 7.Vertical check valves 8.Horizontal check valves (GM Ser 5) 9.S.S. type Tee, Flange ,Elbow,R-Socket,Nipples 10.V.S. type Tee, Elbow 11.Matting Flange (diff. PCD) 12.Stainer with Matting Flange (M.S. Slipon Table H different sizes) 13.Bend (Short/Long) MS90 L/R BW 14.Angle 15.Reducer 16.P.T. Thread thermocouple (contact thermometer) 17.Pressure gauge 18.Vacuum gauge 19.Ceramic Blanket (Density 95) 20.Porcelain Ring different diameters 21.Jointing Sheet (Metallic gasket) 22.Sensor 23.Contactors 24.Phase Failure Relays VSP 25.O/L Relays 26.PT100 Sub wire 27.Panel Boxes 28.And others

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