Services for Sellers

  1. Sellers can list as many products as they wish free of cost.
  2. The ezytrader marketing team shares this product list with our existing users through post & emails.
  3. We find out the companies who use similar products/machinery and approach these companies through phone calls, emails & personal visits in behalf of our sellers.
  4. We promote your products though SEO and online digital marketing.

Services for Buyers

  1. If Buyer find a product of interest they can directly get in touch with the seller for further negotiations.
  2. If buyer is unable to find desired product he can post buy requirements & our team makes an extra effort to contact user or companies that might have the required product.
  3. Alternatively buyers give a list of the products required and we find sellers of these products through our network.

With Ezytrader sellers are able to reach a much higher number of potential buyers and thus would get fair value for their goods, while buyers have a higher probability of finding previously scarce/lesser quantity product in fair value and shorter time. The seller and buyers will be able to reach a much higher number of companies/traders while simultaneously also reducing the search time and saving money.

Ezytrader does not charge any commission or fee for any of above mentioned services.