What is EzyTrader?
Does Ezytrader charge any transaction fees?
What kind of Products can I put up for Selling?

Ezytrader is focused on the sale/purchase platform for Engineering Goods only. Engineering Goods can be any of the following categories Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Equipments & Machinery, Material Handling Equipments, Consumable items, etc.

Do I have to register to get details of Buy & Sell?
Does Ezytrader check authenticity of the company displaying its product or the authenticity of the product being displayed for sale?
How do I post a product on EzyTrader?
How can I display more than 3 images?
Is there a limit to the number of Products that I can put up for Selling?
As a buyer, how do I contact a seller?
How do I share a product on Facebook/Twitter/via Email?

After loggin, once you have any product page open, you can find “Share via” section with Facebook, Twitter and Email icons. You can choose your option and share the product.

How do I edit/remove my product?

After logging into your account, click on arrow next to user name, in the pop up go to “My Products” section from profile, you can find list of products you have uploaded. You can have an option there to make active/inactive, edit and delete each product.

What are the important features of "My Account"?

Once you login to Ezytrader, you can upload a new product, manage your uploaded products & wishlist, view messages received from buyers, post message for products you are looking to buy and edit your own profile.

How do I contact Ezytrader?

If you cannot find an answer to your query in FAQs section, please email us at contact@ezytrader.in with you contact number and we will respond back within 48 hrs