About Excess Inventory

EzyTrader is a startup launched in August 2014, devised to cater to the Industry’s need for optimizing the value of its semi-used or unused inventories, equipment, machinery, consumables that have been lying around for months together.

In today's day and age, when companies are looking at generating value from all their activities, Inventory Cost/Value is a major Cash Blockage that most industries face. A study done by us shows that after WIP the highest amount of value locked in any part of an industry/company is in its Inventory (In-coming Goods, Finished Goods, Semi-used, Non-moving, Used). EzyTrader is hoping to help generate cash-value for the Industry by providing the best value for your Non-moving, Semi-used, Used, Inventory, Equipment, Machinery, Consumables.

What might be non-moving or non-value material/item for one company/industry, might have immense value for another. EzyTrader aims to bring both these sections together on a common platform to ensure that both parties get best value for what they are trying to buy and sell.

Who can use EzyTrader to sell excess inventory?

The platform is ideal for Manufacturing Companies, Traders, EPC companies (looking to sell of its excess inventory/stock/machinery before vacating a site), Process Plants, and multiple such sectors.

At the same time we constantly needed items in small quantities at our Manufacturing facility and at our site’s which would normally take weeks to get from a Manufacturer. A platform like this allows our needs to buy/sell match with another company/individuals need to sell/buy and still get equal value for the item.

EzyTrader’s inception has its roots in the cliché “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Being Manufacturers and an EPC company ourselves, we realized we needed a platform like this to generate value for our un-used and non-moving inventory. The rates being offered by Traders for our goods was more than 30% lower for our purchase price.