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Addressing a Critical Issue of Industry by helping generate Value for Non-Moving Inventory for any organization

The Ezytrader platform provides a market place for the Industry to source a lot of value added products with immediate deliveries and at the same time allows the user to sell its non-moving inventory.

Ezytrader has already been able to generate a very good response from the industry with a lot of big and small companies having become members, and also having listed their long list of inventories on the website. Our clients/members have already started getting a lot more enquiries for their products by using the Ezytrader platform and buyers are able to find ready-stock material from companies that they had never once considered as suppliers.
Essentially Ezytrader has added a host of new non-conventional, non-tapped suppliers and clients for the industry, which is always eager to add more suppliers/clients to get good value.

To take the Platform forward, a lot of value-added-services are being introduced in the next few months which include
– material verification/authentication services
– Multi-level Filtering for Ease of Product Search
– Support Services for Selling/Buying of Products
– Online Auctions for Clients Products

Ezytrader has also launched its Android App recently to help facilitate the users experience directly from their phone. The app tries to cover the same aspects as the website but in a crisp manner that ensures toggling between various products and sections is still a user-friendly and easy experience.

Ezytrader hopes to add a completely new market place which did not exist in the conventional purchase system. And in doing this, we hope to generate a lot of value for the Buyer as well as the Seller.

It is an ideal platform for not just a Purchase Manager but even for the Finance Manager of an organization who is constantly trying to generate good value for his/her inventory. You cant always win both of those with the same initiative, and Ezytrader seems to manage that difficult task quite well.
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The Challenge of Turning Dead Inventory into Cash and Everything Else

If you’re looking at a build up of dead inventory, and feel a little overwhelmed by the enormity of it, here are a few ideas to help you get started turning it into cash.

Lot of companies struggle with dead inventory. Almost everywhere slowly, gradually, almost perceptively over time, the percentage of dead inventory grows. And as it is growing, the problem is thought to be modest, because the rate of growth appeared to be modest, so modest measures are taken to deal with it. Finally, when the sheer amount of inventory involved became inescapable, and the realization comes that the measures to deal with it aren’t close to being sufficient, the whole thing starts to feel overwhelming. So if you’re looking at a build up of dead inventory, and feel a little overwhelmed by the enormity of it, here are a few ideas to help you get started turning it into cash.

1. Sell It on Start with the uploading the most desirable inventory, the most marketable, and the easiest to sell and turn into cash quickly & slowly put up all of it. You can also check for people looking to buy such items from leads on the website. We also help you by getting in touch with prospective companies or buyers in need of similar items.

2. Price it to move. Dead inventory is dead because it is not moving. It does little good to take the time and effort to segment it if you are not going to price it to move. Forget what you paid for it, and are carrying it your books for. It’s not relevant! Let me repeat this, because it’s an easy point to get hung up on: forget what you paid for it, it’s not relevant; that was then, this is now! What is relevant now is the price your buyers will pay for it, now! And like most everything else your buyers will tell you very quickly whether you have it priced right or not. When you are confronted with a build up of dead inventory, it’s critical to make a clear headed but realistic assessment of what it’s going to take to move it through.


3. Patience and Persistence : You didn’t get into this situation overnight, and you’re not going to get out of it overnight (Unless, of course, getting ten paise on the rupee from a liquidator makes sense to you, which it may in extreme cases). Build ups of dead inventory are frequently accompanied by a cash flow crunch, so the instinct to search for a quick fix can be strong. The solution rests with a persistent, sustained effort designed to deliver consistent incremental results. The first and most important step is establishing reasonable, attainable expectations for what can be accomplished in any given period of time.

4. Stop the bleeding. There are many possible causes for the continual buildup of dead inventory. If you can identify the cause and fix it, do so. If you haven’t been able to, however (which is likely or you would have fixed it when dead inventory was a much smaller problem), it’s critical to recognize that fact clearly and soberly, and seek out the professional expertise that can help you stop the bleeding.

5. Can you return it? You never know until you ask. And if you ask firmly, and structure your request as a win/win proposition, most vendors will be reluctant to respond with a flat out “No”. What do you have that your vendor might find valuable in return for their help? Your next purchase order perhaps. A test order on that new item or program your vendor has been after you to try. Maybe an increased share of your business. Open the dialogue, show your vendor the inventory you’re sitting on, they might have outlets that they can sell it to. Make clear that your request is a one-time thing, not a new standard operating procedure.

Dead inventory represents cash that is likely needed for other critical business purposes, such as paying vendors, reducing debt, fleshing out assortments or stock levels. The time to get started is now!!!

Take it Ezy!!

“I am looking to sell off my excess inventory and scrap, my inventory includes machinery and engineering goods, I need to find the right kind of buyers who would be interested in buying my products, but I do not know where to find them, nor do I have the time and energy to go looking for them. I am in need of a platform or marketplace where I could sell off my inventory with minimum hassle”

If you think you can identify with the problems of the person above, then is the place to be for you, we help you get the best deals for your so called, ‘unused’ products. At Ezytrader, we work on the philosophy that something which is no longer important to you, can be the most important thing on someone else’s checklist, taking this idea forward, ezytrader serves as a platform for sellers to sell and buyers to buy. We believe that excess inventory and leftovers can be a very important asset for any trader and we help you leverage on this. We at ezytrader, help sellers to earn profitable returns on items that would have been otherwise discarded. At the same time buyers can get these products on a platform that is easily accessible at reasonable rates.

No transaction charges involved, only a simple 3 step process of register, login and upload for sellers, and click, post, earn for buyers is to be followed. To top this, we provide free of charge membership While Ezytrader only acts as a facilitator in the process, providing platform and product information, we do not compromise on safety and security for our registered customers, for this we follow the TACC rule.

That is, True, to all the other buyers and sellers. Accurate, provision of information.  Current, display of product listing and timely changes And Complete, adherence to rules and regulations.

Following this simple rule coupled with transparency of information between buyer and seller, this would be a one-stop solution for all your inventory related problems. So next time, if despite all the fore planning, you still come face to face with the issue of excess inventory, or are looking for a spare part, buying which from the market place could end up being an expensive affair, log on to ezytrader, we might just have the solution in place.

How to Save Money on Portable Line Boring Machines


Recently, construction companies are saving large amounts of money because of portable line boring machines. Heavy equipment track rollers, attachment pivot point holes, and all of those turning and pivot points on construction equipment wear notoriously.  Increased lubrication extends the serviceable life of these attachment points but eventually repairs are needed as the holes become enlarged and out-of-round. The repair process is used to build up the inside of the hole with weld and then precisely bore the hole to the correct dimension for the pin.

Often, repairing attachments or track parts in machine shops is time consuming and expensive. Many construction companies thus prefer to do the repairs in the field using portable line boring machines. These tools can be used for a variety of field repairs and machining, including:

  • Line pins
  • Loader buckets
  • Gear boxes, transmission housing
  • Stern tubes
  • Resizing attachments to fit newer equipment
  • Steering and king-pin assemblies
  • Drive shaft housing boring
  • A-frame supports

Portable line machines also have different drive options such as electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. The boring diameters are capable of boring 1.5 inches in diameter to 24 inches in diameter, while others can bore up to 80 inches in diameter, and more.

Let’s consider a cost saving example:

These machines offer workshop quality tolerances at the job site as well as maintenance on the field. This can result in significant savings over sending equipment to a machine shop for repairs. One equipment owner working in South America was able to have a nearly 11-foot diameter slewing ring on a shovel machined in the field to within 0.098 mm tolerance, avoiding the estimated $10,000 to $15,000 transportation costs of moving the equipment to a machine shop. The owner also avoided the transportation down time.

Portable line boring machines used for heavy equipment repairs also enable those repairs in a more timely fashion. They make it easier to effect the repairs and therefore contribute to preventive maintenance efforts. Portable line boring machines, as well as other portable machine tools, can be purchased or rented, giving equipment owners control over the balance between utilization and cost.

These boring machines can be bought and sold on Ezytrader at reduced prices in very simple steps. For more information, do visit:


Better performing and durable Heat Exchangers – 101

One of the most common process equipment is heat exchanger. It often comes in different sizes (e.g. cold plate within your mobile phone, a waste heat recovery system in a plant, shapes (e.g. shell and tube, tube in tube, plate and frame) and types (e.g. recuperative and regenerative) Heat exchangers have always been a topic of study and analysis, the need to improve performance, reduce their capital and running costs, and increase their durability continues to remain an important topic of discussion.

Heat Exhanger

Designing and selecting a heat exchanger requires balance between capital and operating costs. Capital costs of heat exchangers are most evident in the amount of heat transfer area it provides to transport heat between the hot and the cold medium. Thus larger or heavier the exchanger, the more expensive it is. The use of expensive materials for conduction or corrosion prevention also increases the initial cost.
These problems can all be resolved and analyzed upfront with the help of simulators. Some of the optimization studies that can be undertaken are:

1. Shape optimization studies to design the inlet header to ensure uniform distribution of the incoming gas.
2. Multi goal-driven parametric optimization to maximize heat exchange through corrugated tubes while minimizing the pressure drop.
3. Fluid-thermal-structural simulation to predict thermal stresses and eventually fatigue life of the end plate and other structural components.
4. Phase change simulations to predict boiling and condensation in the cooler

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